Study the Course at Your Own Pace

Study the Course at Your Own Pace 

The course is presented through a series of pre-recorded video lectures. This allows each student to adapt their studies around their own work/life schedule.

There are no set times to watch or attend the lectures enabling each person to organise their life around their studies. This facilitates each student to study at their own pace.

New students can register and after payment gain immediate access to the course website at any time.

Study at your own pace

Accessing the Course

You can register for the course by clicking the buy button located on the stages of the course. After completing your payment you will receive an email with your user name and a password, which enables you to log in to the college website and have immediate access to each stage of the course and all the video lectures, PowerPoint material, case studies and assignments. 

When registering for Stage 1 of the course you will receive our Student Handbook that outlines the whole structure of the course, with the assessment calendar and graduation criteria. This will give you a good overview of the complete course and what is required.


Study Options



Students complete both Part One and Part Two of the course, the assignments attached to each stage and attend 50 clinic hours in order to receive the Diploma (Dip CCH).

The diploma will enable the student to qualify as a homeopath and nutritional therapist and register with an accredited professional body.



For some people, their reason for studying this course is simply to gain access to the lectures and course content - learn about homeopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine and self-development, for their own pleasure and to deepen their knowledge. If this is the case, completion of assignments is not required. However this does mean that no diploma will be awarded.

Student College Clinic

Students begin College Clinic in Part Two of the course with live clients via Zoom, for one day, once a month. People come with a variety of health concerns both emotional and physical.  Some come to reflect on their general health and lifestyle to make positive changes, others come with specific symptoms or chronic health conditions.  Our students are taught how to take a thorough case, analyse and prescribe using the skills they have learnt, under the supervision of a professional practitioner.


There will be live twice monthly Question and Answer sessions hosted via Zoom. There will also be some extra course content included in these sessions.

Private Discussion Forum

Students will be given access to a private Facebook group, where they can ask questions and discuss all aspects of the course with their fellow students. This forum enables students to connect with each other, share any issues raised in the lectures that might need clarifying, as well as feeling part of the college online community.



Homeopathy gives us a way to address the mental and emotional “dis-ease” that we are experiencing. It can bring a return to a more settled emotional state and a reduction in physical symptoms. Homeopathy is an extremely effective system of medicine for treating psychological conditions while also working on a multitude of different physical complaints from sore throats and coughs to menstrual problems, migraines and skin problems.

If a businessman or woman continues to rush around in a stressed state and live on coffee, pills and alcohol then their stomach ulcer and heartburn will always be with them and they will be continually dependent on allopathic medicines.

It is important to be aware of our emotional states and moods. If we do not look at our mental state and rebalance our depressions, anxieties and negative patterns then symptoms will remain and our life vitality shows little change.