Homeopathy Course – STAGE 1



The course begins with an introduction to the history, philosophy, and principles of homeopathy. This is fundamental to understanding the core essence of homeopathy.

Concepts of health and disease are taught to give the student an understanding of the holistic paradigm and an overview of health in general. We cover many fascinating subjects including natural immunity, vital energy and the different levels of health that vary from person to person.  We look at the reasons why some people remain healthy their whole life, while others succumb to multiple illnesses and chronic disease.

Stage 1 will cover all 36 acute homeopathic remedies in a comprehensive kit, giving the student the knowledge and ability to prescribe for friends and family. It comprises a thorough study of acute health issues such as fevers, childhood ailments, colds, coughs, sore throats, digestive problems, earaches, headaches, injuries and accidents…..plus much more.

Homeopathy Remedy Kit

Belladona Pulsatilla