Free Homeopathy Lesson

Welcome to the Central College of Homeopathy.

This sample video will give you an insight into the type of lectures, or a taster of what we provide. Of course to get the real benefit of these lectures it is important to listen to them in their entirety and within the context of the course which you can do by purchasing the Stages.

The first sample section will be Gordon Sambidge talking about Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy and the origins and philosophy of Homeopathy.

This is followed by Jaclyn Dunn discussing the detoxication method we can use to clean our body and improve our overall health.

Lastly the very experienced homeopath Hilery Dorrian will be teaching part of the psychological profile of Sepia, one of our main female hormone remedies. If you want to find out about the physical symptoms of Sepia then they are available as part of the full lecture on our course.

Thank you for watching.