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Homeopathy Online Course UK - Stage 4

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Your journey into homeopathy, nutrition and health continues with the final stage of Part One! In it you will learn all about menstrual symptoms, such as pre-menstrual tension (PMT) and period pain – how we treat them, to enable women to live a full and more “balanced” life.

We will continue to study two of the most important and recent miasmatic remedies – Tuberculinum and Carcinosin. Understanding these two remedies will provide you with insight into our modern day health disorders, such as all allergies – eczema and asthma; immune system illnesses – chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis; physical and emotional developmental issues ….you will prescribe them many times.

Your case-taking skills will be developed further including advanced techniques of interviewing, and the art of “being with the patient”. There will be more fascinating psychological remedies to discover that reveal yet more of the different facets of human behaviour, health and “dis-ease”. These remedies include: Nat-Sulph, Anacarduim, Thuja and Platina.

Our study of therapeutic treatments continues with burns, and also one of the most prevalent complaints of our time – hayfever. You will be taught how to successfully help people suffering from hayfever, easing their symptoms and greatly improving their state of health.

Our lectures on Nutrition and Mind/Body de-tox will continue, as will our Self-development component of the course.

Seasonal Allergies


Course Level: All Levels

Course Duration: 15 hours

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No prior knowledge of homeopathy is required or assumed.


15 one-hour pre-recorded video

Powerpoint for each video

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Digestion 2 – Heal Your Gut


Menstrual Remedies Part 1

Menstrual Remedies Part 2

Case Taking Part 2


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