Homeopathy Course – Stage 2

Homeopathy Online Course UK - Stage 2

About Stage 2

Stage 2 starts to focus on the psychological and physical profiles of the main remedies. These remedies give an insight into the emotional and mental framework of the different personality types and how they manifest with illness and symptoms, including our first hormonal remedy – Sepia.

We continue to explore more useful remedies for acute illnesses.

There is an in-depth exploration of potency and how we use the whole range of potencies for different health situations.
The Murphy repertory (Book of Symptoms) is introduced, and we show how to use it as we learn how to analyse and prescribe for chronic illness both emotional and physical.
There are interesting cases which cover subjects such as mental abuse, depression and period problems. These cases demonstrate the use of remedies that have been previously taught.

We cover the digestive remedies and how to prescribe them, which compliments our further lectures on Nutrition and Mind/body de-tox. We also begin the Self-development component of the course using Innate well-being.

Stage 2


Course Level: All Levels

Course Duration: 15 hours

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No prior knowledge of homeopathy is required or assumed.


15 one-hour pre-recorded video

Powerpoint for each video

Student hand book



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What Will You Learn?
  • N In Stage 2 we explore many more psychological and physical features of the main remedies in homeopathy; such as Aurum, Staphysagria, Arsenicum and Nat-mur. These remedies give an insight into the emotional and mental framework of the different personality types and how they manifest in illness and symptoms.
  • N We continue to study more on the potency of remedies including how and when different potencies are used.
  • N We will start our introduction to the main book of symptoms - ”The Repertory” - demonstrating how to use this amazing book to look up both mental/emotional and physical symptoms of a client and then how to find the appropriate remedy for their case.
  • N There will be lectures on how to analyse the case and with the use of the Repertory and Materia Medica, how to prescribe a “similar remedy” and at the correct potency for the client.
  • N We will look at digestive problems and the main remedies to help with these complaints such as Nux-vomica, Carbo-veg and China.
  • N We will also continue to study acute prescribing for common complaints, such as coughs and ear infections.
  • N In Nutrition, we will study the role of vitamins and minerals, their sources and functions in the body.
  • N In our Self-Development lectures, we will continue to explore what it means to attain Innate Well-Being and develop psychological insights

You will gain access to the modules below after enrolling to Stage 2.

Stage 2 Booklist

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Nutrition – De-tox 1


Introduction to Hierachy of symptoms


Classical Casework 1


Vital Acute remedies


Nutrition – De-tox 2

Classical Casework 2



Assessment Stage 2

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