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Homeopathy Online Course UK - Stage 8

About Stage 8

Stage 8 is the really exciting completion to the course. We start our lectures with Organ Drainage which describes how to use herbal tinctures and low potency remedies to support, clean and detox our vital organs. This method is fantastic at supporting and boosting the health of your client while playing a vital role in de-toxing the body.

We then move onto the most important subject of building and growing a homeopathic practice. This lecture covers every aspect of what you made need to become a successful practitioner and run have a thriving practice.

The use of new Sankaran method is explain and is followed by some of the remedies of the 3 kingdoms which are contained in this method. The two lectures on the Milk remedies from the animal kingdom have an important place in our modern practice, and the mineral kingdom is fully explained via two lectures on the Periodic table.

Stage 8 continues with the support of monthly clinics that show homeopathy in practice with live patients.
There are more fascinating video lectures on extra Sarcode remedies such as Folliculinum, Progesterone, Insulin and Thymus gland while the new Matridonal (Pregnancy/childbirth) remedies will be covered in an addition video lecture.

There will be a general round up of Materia medica covering Therapeutic combination remedies and brief cameo descriptions of many other useful remedies. This will be essential to completed your studies in Materia medica

periodic table of the elements


Course Level: All Levels

Course Duration: 15 hours

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No prior knowledge of homeopathy is required or assumed.


15 one-hour pre-recorded video

Powerpoint for each video

Student hand book



Stage 8 Running a clinic
Nutrition and Homeopathy

You will gain access to the modules below after enrolling to Stage 8.

Graduation Case Assessment & Guide

  • Graduation Case Assessment & Guide

Organ Drainage Part 1

Organ Drainage Part 2

Practice Building

Sankaran Method

Milks Part 1

Milks Part 2

Periodic Table 101 Part 1

Periodic Table 101 Part 2

Heart Therapeutics

Sarcodes Continued

Cancer Support


Matridonal Remedies Part 1

Matridonal Remedies Part 2


Bird Remedies

Materia Medica Overview 1

Materia Medica Overview 2