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About Stage 6

Stage 6 is a vital and fascinating part of the course. We begin by learning how to effectively treat eczema for children and adults. Eczema is an extremely common complaint, currently 1 in 4 children in the UK suffer with it. Very often it is the first experience of homeopathy that people have as other treatments they’ve tried have failed, so it is important to have a successful technique to improve and heal their skin.

We continue to learn the practical use of homeopathic remedies, this time specialising in pregnancy and birth. These wonderful medicines can make a vast difference in the quality of the whole pregnancy and birthing experience.

As we continue with the clinical training, we expand on practitioner skills and learn how to manage and prescribe for follow – up appointments.

Another one of the most common problems that homeopaths see in their practice is that many clients suffer and are exhausted with chronic fatigue. We will explain how to treat the various types of chronic fatigue, whether it is adrenal burnout or an immune system crash etc.

Our lectures on Nutrition have shown how gut health is central to both our physical and mental well-being. In homeopathy we have the bowel nosode remedies which are fantastic for rebalancing the microbiome and restore equilibrium to the whole digestive system.
Following on from the Layers Method you have learnt for prescribing, we will analyse more complex cases to illustrate this useful method.
There will be more fascinating Materia Medica lectures, including the snake remedies and kidney therapeutics.

Stage 6


Course Level: All Levels

Course Duration: 15 hours

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No prior knowledge of homeopathy is required or assumed.


15 one-hour pre-recorded video

Powerpoint for each video

Student hand book



Mom and Baby Homeopathy
Black Cohosh Remedy - Homeopathy

You will gain access to the modules below after enrolling to Stage 6.

Student Handbook

  • Student Handbook

Pregnancy and Birth Part 1

Pregnancy and Birth Part 2

Eczema Part 1

Eczema Part 2

Follow Up

Chronic Fatigue

Layers Case Work


Bowel Nosodes Part 1

Bowel Nosodes Part 2

Layers Case Work

Spider Remedy

Kali Remedies

Kidney Remedies

Assessment Stage 6