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Welcome to Part 2 of the course and Stage 5

Part 2 of the course is an exciting section of the journey to becoming a practitioner. It is designed to take the information you have gained in Part 1 and apply it to treating a variety of health conditions. Your skills will be expanded further by participating in the Student Clinic with clients and observing their progress.

Stage 5 starts with a lecture on Panic attacks and Anxiety which are the most common complaints seen by UK doctors. Depression is the second most common complaint and there is a thorough lecture on remedies, treatment, support, and management of this condition.

There are two lectures on treating “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” (ADHD) which is a very prevalent condition in children, that includes symptoms such as being extremely restless and having trouble concentrating.

We will continue analysing and prescribing for Classical cases before introducing a new method of case analysis called the “Layers method”. This gives you another way to approach and prescribe for a case which will be illustrated with relevant and interesting case examples.

We will study therapeutic remedies for the treatment of Arthritis and Liver problems which often are both connected to the body’s toxic load.

The use and practical application of the 12 Tissue Salts will be taught showing the beneficial integration of homeopathy and nutrition with amazing results. There will be more fascinating psychological remedies to explore so you can expand your Materia medica knowledge.

Our lectures on Nutrition and Mind/Body de-tox will continue, as will our Self-development component of the course.

Stage 5


Course Level: All Levels

Course Duration: 15 hours

Homeopathy College Stage 5 - Testimonial


No prior knowledge of homeopathy is required or assumed.


15 one-hour pre-recorded video

Powerpoint for each video

Student hand book



Depression and Sadness
Homeopathy Tissue Salts

You will gain access to the modules below after enrolling to Stage 5.

Introduction to Part 2 of the Course & Student Clinics

  • Introduction to Part 2 of the Course

Student Handbook

Panic Attacks



Nutrition and Inflammation

Classical Cases 7

Tissue salts


Introduction to Layers Method

Layers Case Work

Depression Remedies Part 1

Depression Remedies Part 2

Liver Remedies

Snakes Remedies



Assessment Stage 5