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Learn homeopathy and health coaching to transform your life and those around you

Welcome to the Central College of Homeopathy

This course from homeopathy college will enable you to qualify as a homeopath and nutritional therapist and register with an accredited professional body.

The course covers three main systems of complementary medicine. Homeopathy is the central part of the course but is combined with Nutrition and Personal Development.

The training at our homeopathy college is designed so you can begin and complete your studies in your own time, study at your own pace thereby tailoring the course to suit your own life/work balance.

It is delivered as online video lectures via the website. These pre-recorded video lectures, PowerPoints and case studies will be available to you to view in your own time, as you progress through the course.

By enrolling on our online homeopathy course, you will be taught how to become a modern holistic practitioner with a range of skills to match the health needs of people today – mental, emotional and physical.

About Central College of Homeopathy
Online Homeopathy Course
Study at your own pace
Homeopathy Course Online

Online Homeopathy and Health Coaching Course

Study At Your Own Pace

The course is presented through a series of pre-recorded video lectures. This allows each student to adapt their studies around their own work/life schedule.
There are no set times to watch or attend the lectures enabling each person to organise their life around their studies. This facilitates each student to study at their own pace.

Learn how to promote your own health and well-being while also learning to do the same for others in your community.

This course changes your perspective

This course changes your perspective on how to view conventional medicine and discover that there are alternatives. There are not enough words to express what this course means to me and how much it has benefited me and those around me.

Monika Sknadaj


The course at this college is absolutely brilliant!

The course at this college is absolutely brilliant! The education and knowledge from the first stage are instantly transformed into practical use! This college is unique, the teachers are very experienced and without a doubt, I can say this was one of the best decisions in my life to study here.

Viktoriia Omelchenko

Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist

Central College of Homeopathy

I enthusiastically and confidently recommend this course to anyone interested in homeopathy. The approach is life-changing, and I am where I am today with your guidance.

Simone Paturel

Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist

Nutrition Course

For years I had been wanting to learn more about homeopathy, so being a working mum with two children I was so excited to finally be able to train in homeopathy, nutrition, and life coaching and fit it around my family. I have been on a personal journey reviewing my own health and learned so much from these inspiring teachers.

Karen Hood

Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist

Train in homeopathy, nutrition, and life coaching